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About Larne YMCA

Established in 1982 Larne YMCA provides programmes for children and young people from its purpose built centre in Larne. The association is recognised by the Inland Revenue as having charitable status (reference number XR 22612) and is a Company Limited by Guarantee (NI Company Number NI 069370). It has five voluntary Directors and a voluntary Board of Management drawn from the local community. Although locally autonomous Larne YMCA is affiliated to the National Council of YMCAs of Ireland, as well as the European and World Alliances. On a local basis it participates in various local networks and projects both statutory and voluntary.

The Two Core Projects

After Schools Project

This busy project operates on a daily basis with 24 places for primary school aged children. It currently draws members from six local primary schools and has a waiting list of over thirty. The project operates full time (8.30am – 5.30pm) during school holidays. Children have the chance to participate in a wide range of activities which are both fun and developmental – cookery, team activities, arts and crafts, outdoor pursuits, environmental projects, dance and drama etc.

Youth Work Programme

The evening youth work programme runs four evenings per week on average with additional evenings and weekends as the programme demands. Membership is currently over 100 in the 6 – 15 age group. Again the focus in both on fun and education with activities such as the annual themed Stay A-Wake, Young Apprentice project (fundraising), Junior Leaders’ Youth Achievement Awards scheme, as well as off site visits, drama and DVD production, Outdoor Adventure and health projects.

In addition we provide a Family Room for supervised access visits and counselling sessions as required.

Other projects in recent years have included the setting up and facilitating of Larne Community Relations Forum (which brought together community representatives in a private space to tackle local sectarianism) and a Family Youth Work project in Dunclug estate in Ballymena.

Larne YMCA Aims & Objectives

The aims of the YMCA are:

  • To work for equal opportunities and justice for all
  • To work for and maintain an environment in which relationships are characterised by love and understanding
  • To work for and maintain conditions within the YMCA and society, its organisations and institution, which allow for honesty, depth and creativity
  • To develop and maintain leadership and programme patterns which exemplify the variety and depth of the Christian experience
  • To work for the development of the whole person

Its objects are as follows:

  • To further the cause of the YMCA in all parts of the world
  • To support, represent and develop the work of the YMCA in the wider Larne area
  • To provide, in the interests of social welfare, facilities for recreation and other leisure time occupation for people of all ages with the object of improving their conditions of life
  • To provide and promote education for people of all ages with the object of developing their physical, mental and spiritual capacities.
  • To relieve and promote the relief of people of all ages who are in need, hardship or distress by reason of their social, physical or economic circumstances.


Management Arrangements:

Larne YMCA is a Company Limited by Guarantee with eight voluntary directors; the voluntary Board of Management oversees the day to day operation organised through the General Secretary. The Board of Management meets on a monthly basis to discuss the work and receive reports from the various projects; staff members, volunteers and young people have regular input to these meetings. The officers of the organisation (Chairperson, Vice Chair & Treasurer) meet more regularly with the General Secretary to progress work between Board meetings.

Purpose & Activities:

Larne YMCA’s purpose is “to support, develop and empower children, young people and families within the whole community in a nurturing environment using a holistic approach underpinned by a Christian ethos.” To achieve this we provide quality relevant programmes for children, young people and families through a range of programmes including After Schools work and youth work and partnership projects.