About Us

Larne YMCA Aims & Objectives

The aims of the YMCA are:

  • To work for equal opportunities and justice for all
  • To work for and maintain an environment in which relationships are characterised by love and understanding
  • To work for and maintain conditions within the YMCA and society, its organisations and institution, which allow for honesty, depth and creativity
  • To develop and maintain leadership and programme patterns which exemplify the variety and depth of the Christian experience
  • To work for the development of the whole person

Its objects are as follows:

  • To further the cause of the YMCA in all parts of the world
  • To support, represent and develop the work of the YMCA in the wider Larne area
  • To provide, in the interests of social welfare, facilities for recreation and other leisure time occupation for people of all ages with the object of improving their conditions of life
  • To provide and promote education for people of all ages with the object of developing their physical, mental and spiritual capacities.
  • To relieve and promote the relief of people of all ages who are in need, hardship or distress by reason of their social, physical or economic circumstances.

Management Arrangements:

Larne YMCA is a Company Limited by Guarantee with eight voluntary directors; the voluntary Board of Management oversees the day to day operation organised through the General Secretary. The Board of Management meets on a monthly basis to discuss the work and receive reports from the various projects; staff members, volunteers and young people have regular input to these meetings. The officers of the organisation (Chairperson, Vice Chair & Treasurer) meet more regularly with the General Secretary to progress work between Board meetings.

Purpose & Activities:

Larne YMCA’s purpose is “to support, develop and empower children, young people and families within the whole community in a nurturing environment using a holistic approach underpinned by a Christian ethos.” To achieve this we provide quality relevant programmes for children, young people and families through a range of programmes including After Schools work and youth work and partnership projects.