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Feb 22 News

Youth Club 21st -25th Feb

Alongside our normal youth club programme of art, cooking, games and activities here is what is in store for you this week:

Tuesday - join us for a night around the campfire 🔥 we will be singing campfire songs, toasting marshmallows and so much more!!

Wednesday - it’s YMCA’s Got Talent, do you have a fun, interesting talent that you want to share with us? well this night is perfect for you!

Thursday - we will be taking part in a drugs and alcohol project to share what we have learnt with others 🧠

Friday Early and Late- YOUTH CLUB IS CLOSED! Youth club will be closed on Friday night to accommodate a trip which is taking place. Those who have booked to attend the trip will receive an email is due course

Saturday Early and Late - we are going to have lots of fun with some sensory activities; stress balls, slime, sensory bags and so much more!! Sign up and join us with all of the fun!!

You can register for youth club here -

Youth Club - acts of Kindness week

Alongside our normal youth club programme of art, cooking and games/activities we ran a random act of kindness week from the 14th -19th Feb!

What we did:

The young people participated in kindness week bingo in youth club and at home completing activities to show kindness to others, some of our activities were also tailored to the theme like a kindness cloud, group discussions and our positivity board! There was a Good Relations session on Sunday that although wasn’t part of the program fitted in well with our kindness week as they looked at prejudice and how we shouldn’t judge people before we get to know them as well as the importance of kind worlds and using kind words about ourselves

Why did we do this ?:

-To show the importance of spreading a little bit of kindness

-To encourage others to be kind

-To make someone's day just a little bit better

Young people who complete their bingo sheets also received a prize!!

You can register to attend youth club here -

Jan 22 News

YOUTH CLUB - Great start to 2022

The Youth Club has had a terrific start to the New Year and has another exciting week planned for everyone in the first week of February. Alongside our generic youth club programme of art, cooking and other games/activities here is what is in store for you this week:

Tuesday - we are celebrating Chinese New Year with lots of activities themed around the year of the Tiger 🐅

Wednesday - Goggles at the ready! Join us on Wednesday for Nurf Wars!

Thursday- it’s time to dress the building up a bit, join us to take part in some window painting 🖼

Friday Early and Late- like a mini worlds games week this night will be themed around the Winter Olympics with lots of sports and competition 🏅

Saturday Early and Late- With bush tuck-a trials, challenges and team competitions get ready to say.... IM A CELEBRITY GET ME OUT OF HEREEEE!!!!

You can register to take part here;

Dec 21 News

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All

Operations Director Lisa McCloy wished all of the YMCA's staff, volunteers, funders and users a great Christmas break at the staff and volunteer Christmas dinner at the end of the year.

She thanked all for the super effort they had put in across the year, sometimes in the face of significant difficulties. She said the YMCA team could congratulate themselves on all they had achieved and that feedback from users had been very positive. The photo shows Lisa delivering the Secret Santa gifts to staff and volunteers.

Building Solutions

The impact on young people of the pandemic has been quite significant and has lowered young people's resilience and ability to deal with some of the issues that confront them in life . Issues such as exam stress , dealing with anxiety , peer pressure or relationship issues. As a result many young people who have been referred to the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) or the Family Support Hub and the Flare program are suffering a delay in access to much needed support and intervention. In response to this identified need the YMCA has introduced the Building Solutions program for 10 to 18 year old's. Each participant will receive six 1:1 sessions of up to 1 hours duration. The program will support young people to:- a)Feel more optimistic about their life and future .b) Take more ownership and make changes in their lives. c) Build connections to people around them in ways which work for them . d) Be better equipped to manage stress and challenges in their lives. The YMCA program can be used as a lead into or as a step down from other specialist support services. Five staff members , led by the program coordinator Lisa McCloy have been trained to deliver the program. Larne YMCA has contacted 11 schools and 7 voluntary and statutory agencies to enable them to make referrals. The Building Solutions team is currently working alongside 5 young people from the Larne area . This program is funded by the Northern Area Community Network and EA.

Community CoFFee

Larne YMCA held a coffee morning on the 5th Dec. The morning was hosted by YMCA staff and volunteers, who were overwhelmed by the numbers that came out to support them. It allowed members of the community to come along grab a cake and a cup of coffee and learn something of the work of the YMCA in the community. The morning also helped raise funds for the YMCA , in total £350 was raised which was a fantastic achievement.

Nov 21 News

SCHOOLS Twinning Program

Our 2021 TEO funded Good Relations work continues with Adam Colgan and his team working in six primary schools in the Larne area. The team are delivering a school twinning based program to two hundred P6 pupils. During the program the young people will explore the issues of diversity and identity whilst having fun doing sports skills development , discussion groups and team working together.

Schools Work

Two groups of young people are currently engaged in a short program funded by the Education Authority promoting strategies to maintain positive health and well being and develop problem solving skills. The program is currently being hosted in the Moyle Primary School and St McNissis. The Resilience program is all about building young peoples self confidence so that they can resist pressure to become involved in drugs and Alcohol .The response has been very positive with pupils looking at steps to being resilient, developing their confidence, complimenting themselves and others and using the strategy of 'I am, I can, I have' to remind them of their good qualities/good things in their life when something doesn't go to plan. One teacher described the program as "exactly what the children in need" drawing on experience of one child ,who has grown significantly becoming much more engaged by taking part in the activities and giving answers in class.

Autism GROUP

The autism group had lots of fun raising funds for Children in Need . They had a costume party , made cup cakes and a Pudsey bear bandana design competition. In total they raised £75.

Good relations Program

Our Good Relations group first residential went really well. The young people engaged in activities like mountain biking, swimming, ice skating and paddle boarding. Before hand, they went on a trip to Crumlin road Goal and had a session in YMCA looking at themes like stereotyping, prejudice and how to be more inclusive. There were very interesting discussions and active learning opportunities throughout.

After Schools - YMCA

After schools have been getting ready for Christmas, decorating the YMCA , putting up the Christmas tree and a bun backing session. Lots of good fun and lots of learning and sharing. Will We be ready for Christmas ? Yes we will !

Oct 21 News

M- Power

Over the summer 19 young people from Larne M-Power and Carrick M-Power groups met regularly to build new relationships and spend time outside their own community. Carrick and Larne M-Power went on a residential trip together in Aug and Oct and both groups had an amazing time together. Common Youth delivered sexual health and healthy relationships workshops to the groups over 3 weeks in Aug . We are hoping that the whole group will complete their OCN in volunteering skills by the time , the groups finish the M-Power program in Nov. Link to M -Power project info


Our summer 21 was the busiest we have had in a good number of years with nearly full capacity everyday. We had lots of summer activities on offer aside from our daily activities such as horse riding, Mrs bubbles, movie and pizza day, party animals and lots more. Covid 19 prevented us attending our Sand art trip as numbers were too high and we felt that we needed to reduce risk with cases on the rise. Spark program participants were a great addition to our team over the summer by volunteering with us. They were dedicated throughout and played a massive part in our staff team until the end of September. They are a credit to themselves and the organization and I personally couldn't thank them enough.

Youth CLUB

Youth club had a great summer program, despite difficulties with events and venues due to COVID restrictions . Young people played a key role in steering the program through the Youth Advisory committee . To ensure the program was open to all, staff delivered blended approaches to allow young people who were unable to attend youth club in person attend virtually.

During the summer the trips that really made an impression were Multi skills with end goal coaching and Mrs Bubbles bath bomb making. It was all good clean fun. Photo of World sports day event.

Prize night was great fun and allowed us to wrap up the summer in an enjoyable way, celebrate differences and recognize the achievements of our staff and young people over the year.

After SCHools - Moyle

Moyle primary and YMCA get started on a joint project. The YMCA now runs After schools at Moyle primary on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons between 2.30 pm and 5.45 pm. The focus of activities is play work , where the children have fun and learn at the same time. It is open to all children aged between 4 and 11 years. If you are interested in joining please contact Leanne Doherty,After schools manager, or Jenna ,who runs the Moyle after schools , by e-mailing Leanne at or

A Fair Start - Final Report and Action Plan.pdf

Please see attached report